Wide variety of meals have been prepared to satisfy different tastes including Saudi Arabian, Italian , Mexican, and other type of meals from around the world.

Taste and Quality

All of our frozen meals are consistent with their high quality and there is a team of taste experts who ensure the consumer satisfaction. Always the best and the freshest ingredients are chosen.

Beef Fajita
دجاج تيكا ماسالا - زن


Simply, just heat the meals and eat them. No need for other preparations. Saves time and effort.

Food Safety

The first high care food production factory in Saudi Arabia. High care means complete separation between raw and cooked products which prevents any cross contamination.

All Natural

All our products are 100% preservatives-free. We freeze our fresh meals immediately to preserve the nutritional value.

Long Shelf-life

Our high quality meals have a shelf-life of 12 months

Creamy tomato soup

Reduces Waste

Our meals are prepared with precise and calculated portions to ensure no food waste. Serve as much as you need and you can store the leftover for other meal.