Special chicken kabsa



Nutrition Facts



Special chicken kabsa

A saudi dish of tender boneless chicken marinated in lemon, tomato, garlic and spices, served with special kabsa buttered rice cooked with onions, arabic spices and saffron




Nutrition Facts


620 Calories  


25 gr  


7 gr  


1.16 gr  

Sat. fat

7 gr  


1. Microwave

1.1.   Pierce the cover
1.2.   Heat for the period specified on the package
1.3.   Wait for 1 minutes
1.4.   Serve and enjoy

2. Oven

2.1.   Preheat the oven at 180 C
2.2.   Remove the cover
2.3.   Heat for the period specified on the package
2.4.   Wait for 1 minutes
2.5.   Serve and enjoy


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